About Us

FastKick Martial Arts & Sport Taekwondo is a family martial arts center that has been serving the Northland since 2001.  We are conveniently located at 291 & 152 next to the Phillip's 66 & across the street from the Feldman's Farm & Home.

FastKick Martial Arts & Fitness Center  
106 S Forrest Ave.    Liberty, MO  64068   816-781-3800

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In 1985, Master Doering's instructor, Master France Pruter, first began teaching Taekwondo in the Northland through the Liberty, Missouri Parks and Recreation.  Over the years the program grew, and in 2001 Master Doering took over as the head instructor.  Since then FastKick Sport Taekwondo has continued to grow in the community.  Offering self-defense classes, working with local schools and PTA's, participating in programs with the Liberty Chamber of Commerce and the Liberty Public School District, and most importantly teaching the highest quality martial arts to thousands of Northland residents.

At FastKick Martial Arts, we are proud of who we are and believe in what we teach.  We believe in teaching our students the importance of SETTING GOALS.  We help them learn about TAKING ACTION to achieve those goals.  And we realize that through this process, one by one we are CHANGING LIVES!

We welcome anyone interested, to come in and give us a try.  Spend some time talking with us, talk to our students and parents, ask us questions and let us prove to you that FastKick Sport Taekwondo is the most professional and highly certified martial arts school anywhere around.