Children's TKD Program

In just a few short weeks of starting martial arts you will start to see changes in your child.

You will see...........

✔Clearer Focus

At FastKick we have our children do one task at a time.  They may do that one task for 30 to 60 seconds, but in that 30 to 60 seconds that is the only task that they focus on.  Then the better and better they get at focusing on that one task we will start to increase the time of that activity.   They never get bored or "hot feet".  Before you know it they can take that skill and use it in their home work, chores, conversation or what ever they set their mind to.

Two kids kicking sparring

✔Task Oriented and Goal Setting

From the very first day your child begins taekwondo at FastKick they set goals and accomplish them.  The more they succeed the more ambitious they become.  Eventually they learn to set more important and higher goals.  They learn to go after these goals with everything they have.  Because of this children who do sport taekwondo are more likely to succeed at what ever they do.


✔Increased Attention Span

Parents of children with trouble paying attention breathe sighs of relief after just after several short weeks. That's because in taekwondo we teach children to look adults in the eyes when they are being spoken to.  We teach them that this is how you show adults that you are listening and paying attention.  After several short weeks, children naturally begin doing this at home and in their class rooms at school.  Parents and teachers are amazed when they see the changes.  They can not believe how much better their children pay attention.

✔ Children Learn Team Work

At FastKick we have just a few very simple rules.  One of those rules is that when a child is asked to do something, he does it the first time.  We never yell at the children if they don't do this.  But every child does it because he sees the other children in the class doing it too.  He just wants to make friends and be a part of the group.  It is usually just a matter of several weeks before children start doing this at home too.  Parents have thanked me many times for this positive change in their child.  For parents whose children have a hard time following directions this is a blessing.

✔Increased self-respect

When it comes to bullies children in taekwondo do not back down.  They have the confidence to look a bully in the eye and stand their ground.  This is what really almost always happens, the bully get scared and backs down.  It happens nine out of 10 times.  For the one out of ten the bully does not back down your child has the tools to fight for himself.  And if he needs to he will be able to get away and seek adult authority.  Most problems can be talked through but just in case words don't work your child will have the tools to defend himself.

✔Amazing form of exercise and a perfect way to improve a child's athleticism  

Your child will be active the entire time. But there is  no pressure on him to do anything he can not.  We will encourage him to do his best – but this isn’t boot camp or anything.