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Master Daniel Doering
Owner/Chief Instructor
Master Doering

Master Doering began Taekwondo in August of 1990 at the age of twelve.  After trying other activities as his siblings had done (soccer, baseball, basketball…) he finally found his calling in Tae Kwon Do.  While still living in Kansas City, KS his parents would drive him to Independence, Missouri as often as possible in order for him to train with Mrs. France Pruter, now Master Pruter.  In 1992, the Doering’s moved to Independence, MO.  It was a move that no one at the time could fully understand the impact of.  Being less than a mile from the studio allowed Master Doering to attend classes on a more consistent basis.  If his parents could not take him to class, he would walk or ride his bike to make sure he got there.


On May 22, 1993, at the age of 15, Master Doering received his 1st Degree Black Belt under the instruction of Master Pruter.  From that point on his life was dedicated to the sport and art of Taekwond, spending nearly six days a week at the Independence studio.  In 1994 Mrs. Pruter awarded him the title of Assistant Instructor to the Independence, MO location and was given his own class on Saturday mornings.  Assisting Master Pruter in the evening classes through out the week allowed Master Doering to sharpen his techniques and his eye for teaching.  In 1996, Master Doering took on the role of Assistant Instructor to Master Kevin Pruter at their newly acquired Blue Springs location, and in 1997 Master Doering tested for and attained the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt. 

 Master Doering Side Kick

The fall of 2001 held many changes and great things for Master Doering.  Not only was he preparing to test for his 3rd Degree Black Belt but also founded FastKick Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Liberty, MO.  Over the years FastKick Martial Arts has grown into one of the top martial arts schools in the Kansas City Northland. 


Master Doering has traveled to South Korea twice.  Once in 2001 and again in 2003, thanks to Grandmaster Il Kwon Kim of Cincinnati, OH.  Both were great learning experiences for him and changed his life forever.  While in Korea he was able to study the history and meaning of Taekwondo as well as the Korean way of life.  For a student of Taekwondo, being able to travel to the country of its origin and train was an experience of a lifetime and one that he will never forget.


Master Doering started competing in local and regional tournaments as a white belt shortly after beginning Taekwondo in 1990.  Competing challenged Master Doering both physically and mentally giving him a goal setting process that has helped him to succeed both in and out of the martial arts.  Master Doering competed nationally for the first time in 1993 and has competed both as a junior competitor and as an adult.  He has earned numerous awards locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, as an athlete.  Today Master Doering enjoys his time at competitions as a coach and referee helping others to reach their goals.  In the fall of 2006 Master Doering had the opportunity to train and coach future young Olympians with 1992 Olympic Gold medalist Grandmaster (coach) Herb Perez in Birmingham, AL.  Coach Perez is the CEO of High Level Training Centers L.L.C.


In 2007 Master Doering married the love of his life, Master Debra Doering, a fellow Taekwondo student of Master Pruter and a long time friend.  Together they run and manage FastKick Martial Arts.  They take great pride in the active teaching of the FastKick Martial Arts students, and still work with their instructors Master France Pruter and Master Kevin Pruter of Pruter’s U.S. Martial Arts Centers. www.pruterstkd.us


Master Daniel Doering:

-Currently holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt

-Is a Kukkiwon certified Master Instructor with the World Taekwondo Federation based in Seoul, South Korea.  www.wtf.org  

-Is a Certified Level One coach with USA Taekwondo, the national governing body for Olympic Taekwondo in the United States. www.usa-taekwondo.us  

-Is a D-1 certified referee for Gyeorugi (sparring) with USA Taekwondo

-Is a Level 2 certified referee for Sport Poomsae (forms) with USA Taekwondo

-Is the Tournament Director for the Stars and Stripes Taekwondo Championships www.starsandstripestkd.us

 Master Doering Jump Back Fist

Master Doering attributes his success to:

-God who has blessed me with a gift to understand and learn the martial arts, and the talent to pass it on to others.  As long as I am honest with myself and fair to others He will continue to lead me down the right paths. 

-My parents for their support and disciplined love.  Without the foundation they set for me, nothing I have done would have been possible.  For teaching me that doing the right thing is not always the easiest choice to make but it is always the right one.

-My wife for her friendship, love and support but most importantly for her patience.

-My instructor Master France Pruter and Master Kevin Pruter for their teaching, guidance, wisdom, honesty and friendship. 

-My students who have stood by me over the years. 


With hard work and a desire to make a difference in peoples lives, great things are possible.

Master Debra Doering
Mrs. DoeringMaster Doering, like her husband, started Taekwondo at the age of twelve.  For her it was something that her family could all participate in together.  Master Doering began taekwondo along with her mother and younger sister, aunt, uncle and cousins, and all received their black belts.  Training at the Blue Springs, MO location of Pruter's U.S. Martial Arts, Master Doering learned not only the fundamentals of Taekwondo but also grew to love the art and sport. She is the only member of her family that is still active in the martial arts, but will never forget the wonderful experience and family bonding that Tae Kwon Do brought to her family.  Master Doering and members of her family, togehter earned their 1st Degree Black Belts in the Fall of 2000.

Master Doering has competed in tournaments since starting her Tae Kwon do training.  She has competed locally, regionally and nationally, earning numerous awards as an athlete. She has an excellent understanding and viewpoint as both a junior and senior (adult) competitor that she brings to the students of FastKick.  It is in no way a coincidence that FastKick Martial Arts has a stronge female student base.  Master Doering is an exceptional role model for young women in the martial arts, giving FastKick an insight that you will not find in most martial arts schools.

From 2004 until the Spring of 2007 Master Doering was the owner and instructor of Pruter's Martial Arts Center in Lee's Smmit, MO.  Selling the school to its namesakes, her instructor's, Master's Pruter, allowed her to join her husband, Master Daniel Doering, at FastKick Martial Arts. She is now the program director for the Fastkick Lil' Lions, one of our most popular age groups (3 to 6 year olds).  She designed and implimented the curriculum we use to teach Tae Kwon Do to this young and energetic group of children.  She is in charge of all FastKick teen functions as well.

Master Debra Doering:
-Currently holds the rank of 4th Degree Black BeltMrs. Doering Kick
-Is a Kukkiwon certified Master Instructor with the World Taekwondo Federation based in Seoul, South Korea.  www.wtf.org 
-Is a Certified Level One coach with USA Taekwondo, the national governing body for Olympic Taewondo in the United States.  www.usa-taekwondo.us
-Is a D-1 certified referee for Gyeorugi (sparring) with USA Taekwondo
-Is a Level 1 certified referee for Sport Poomsae (forms) with USA Taekwondo