Lil' Lions Program Ages 3-6

At FastKick Martial Arts and Fitness Center our Lil' Lion's program is designed with your child in mind! We have been teaching martial arts to children for over 20 years and it is with that experience that we designed our Lil' Lion's curriculum. Our Lil' Lion's classes are structured for the best learning experience for children ages 3-6. The benefits of Lil' Lion's taekwondo are countless. Your child will learn self control, discipline, focus, and respect. This program and curriculum can help your child develop the skills necessary to be successful in life!

Read on to view the stories of how our amazing program transformed the
lives of four children and how it can do the same for your child.

Story #1
"I asked you five times already..."

Henry never gets anything done the first time I ask him. Whether it's "clean your room", "do

Kids Martial Artsyour homework", "feed the dog" or anything it just never gets done until I ask him multiple times. Most of the time I end up doing it myself because it's just easier than continually asking him until he finally does it. I spend more energy and time getting him to do it than I do when I just do it myself. As a result there is a lot of intense emotion and animosity in the house. When Henry started taekwondo I immediately noticed a difference, he started listening and paying more attention when I was speaking to him. After a few weeks of classes he even said yes ma'am and did his homework the first time I asked him! I can't believe the difference in him in such a short period of time, but I recommend FastKick Martial Arts program to all my friends!

Story #2
"The wild child..."

Chloe constantly struggles with self control. Her teacher thought she was just wild and completely undisciplined at home. She was a constant distraction to the kids in her class and everyone else in class struggled with concentrating because of her behavior. She is very intelligent and equally as smart as the other children in class but her grades suffered because of her lack of focus. Starting taekwondo changed this. I noticed a change pretty soon after she began. It was a small change at first but over time her ability to focus and finish tasks grew. Before I knew it she could stand at attention for the longest out of everyone in class! What a shock that was! Her grades improved and I no longer get the wild child comments form her teachers.

Story #3
"The easy going one..."

Madison lacked passion. She was so easy going that she often got left behind and even fell behind in activities and school because she never had the drive to really apply herself

Kids taekwondo karate, she just fell into the back and didn't perform. As a result her grades suffered and she never got the part and lost even more drive to accomplish. Sparring turned that around! She started sparring about 4 months after she began taekwondo and the first time she put all her protective sparring equipment on her eyes lit up and it sparked something in her. Suddenly she wanted to win and was finally willing to step up and put her full potential into getting the win!

Story #4
"My child was bullied..."

Stephan had a really tough time in school, he constantly struggled to make friends and was bullied. When your child lacks confidence like Stephan did school is even harder. Stephan is a bully preventionreally good kid who tries to keep to himself and be a good student. He has always been a respectful and got the greatest compliments form all his teachers. but, he was constantly getting picked on and lacked the confidence to stand up for himself. Taekwondo helped him gain self confidence. And as an added bonus he made friends in his taekwondo classes who went to school with him. Achieving higher belts in class and learning self defense taught him the confidence to have a voice and stand up for himself. He no longer gets bullied and has started to make new friends at school! What a blessing this has been for him and his confidence levels. I know the skills he is learning now at FastKick will be lifelong skills that he will always carry with him.

Our Lil' Lion's program has transformed many children's lives and it can do the same for yours! Click here to enroll in a trial program. For only $29 your child can participate in 4 of our specialized Lil' Lions classes and they will receive an official FastKick Martial Arts uniform!